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Unmanned Hotel Trivia

Have you ever heard of unmanned hotels? Unlikely as it may seem, there are hotels that can function effectively without front desk personnel. This approach is witnessing an increase in popularity among hoteliers, since automating and simplifying the booking and check-in processes can only lead to higher margins.

The IT company that implements the custom solutions (software plus hardware) lying behind such systems can face significant challenges during the process. A variety of aspects should be taken into consideration, such as customer registration, the booking process, access door codes, security, and room allocation.

System automation means a lot of tasks must be performed every day, every hour, every 5 minutes, or even every minute to ensure the hotel runs as smoothly as possible. The commands issued by the system allocate rooms, send confirmation SMS and emails to customers, confirm payments, and mark rooms that require cleaning.

3rd party systems are also addressed by the system, from cleaning to maintenance and security companies. They are all guided, alerted and kept informed by the automation system according to the current needs and situations. The system keeps track of all the actions that need to be performed by all the parties involved in the running of the hotel.

Well known and widely used booking channels like or can be integrated with the application. This means that availability and price pushes will be automatically made and all new reservations will be registered instantly.

From the customer’s point of view, everything is easy and straightforward: one only needs to register, select the period, room type, and pay for the reservation. With this step accomplished, the system will allocate a room, generate and activate the door code, send the door code and room number to the customer. All this means money and time saving, not queuing at the front desk to get the room and key, do the checkout, and so on.

Privacy, a key issue for hotel guests, is dealt with admirably by the solution.

Staying at an unmanned hotel can be quite an experience that everyone should try at some point!

The butterfly effect at work

So, yesterday was my first day on the job for AROBS Transilvania Software, an awesome ITC company focusing on channel management software for the travel and hotel industry, but also on other kind of software products and industries such as health, automotive, financial, and others. From the start I had the impression it is a great place to work because I could see people were really nice and at the same time extremely interested in their work. And when you have colleagues that are so keen on what they are doing, you know for sure there will be great results.

Today I was sitting at my computer working on a report for the management, but at the same time I was daydreaming of where I could travel on my nextholiday. As the wind ate my ears this morning, I was thinking of hot exotic destinations. And then it hit me: why not focus on the report and after that start looking for places to travel to using a specialized online platform? I mean duhhhh, that’s why they are there, right? All good so far, finished my report and noticed an e-mail in my inbox. You know the moments when you want to go relax and then you get something that gets you out of that Zen mode? Of course you know it. Everybody does. I said I will read this e-mail, see what’s up, and then go out. Why was I hoping to do that….????

The butterfly effect is a real deal. I know that for sure, as that e-mail contained an article that was just posted on our website about this platform that we made and which, integrated with solutions like, makes access to wordlwide destinations possible. Still can’t believe it. Ok, so let me tell you guys exactly what I am talking about. Apparently, some time ago, AROBS made a channel management product for this partner called Guestline. I found out after visiting their website, that Guestline is a supplier of hotel management software and other hospitality software solutions. Being named preferred provider by, this really big online booking platform, is really cool. You may not think it is so great, but let me tell you why it actually is. Well first of all, doesn’t choose just about anybody to provide them with channel management solutions. They have strict requirements, clients in around 155 countries so their services need constant change and improvement depending on each country. Secondly, AROBS, the company I work for, actually created their channel management solution, so for me the relationship goes like this: AROBS made the software for Guestline, Guesline was appointed preferred provider because of that particular software => Arobs could as well be a preferred provider. I admit I am not a mathematician, and my logic might seem faulty to some, but I felt proud. And one does not have to be a mathematician, nor a genius, to feel proud about something and see that our travel solutions help customers world-wide.

Yesterday was my first day, today is my second and tomorrow will be my third. If every second day I will find reasons to feel proud about the work that we do here for people all over the world, be sure you will hear more about it. The article can be found here. Don’t forget though, the butterfly effect is real, and sometimes one needs to be at work to notice that.