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“The human factor” in today’s software testing

Quality is an integrated part of development process which means that the work of a tester will begin when the problem arrives. In software development we talk about solutions, and whenever we talk about a solution we need to consider every aspect involved.   In order to deliver a solution to the client, not only… Read More »

Software Architecture for developers @TSM

Our colleague, Leonard Abu-Saa, System Architect, published a very interesting article about “Software Architecture for developers”, in Today Software Magazine, no 47. Leonard shares interesting facts about the role of the software architect, and of course about his passion for photography, integrated in “the big picture” of the software architecture. Read more about his software architecture journey in the… Read More »

Looking for a challenging career? START with an internship in Cluj

We’re always looking for people who are ready to face challenges and make a difference in the IT industry. If you have a passion for understanding technology and you’re eager to develop innovative solutions, join our summer internship program in Cluj Napoca. Gain awesome skills and work on real projects right from the start! We’re looking… Read More »

Let technology and medicine fall in love using a clinical trial software

“Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food”, Hippocrates. This quote is still valid, although Hippocrates was born around the year 460 BC. Humanity never stops raising questions and is continuously searching for answers. But what food are we talking about? What active substances? In what quantity? What medical product? What drug, devices… Read More »

Java Internship in Cluj

It’s time for a challenging journey? Join the Java Internship! We are looking for Java interns for our office in Cluj. You will have the opportunity to utilize technical skills within the AROBS Software Development department. During the internships, you will learn about the following Programming Languages and tools such as Java, GWT/ExtGWT, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, scripting with… Read More »

What To Consider When Building A PCI Compliant Architecture

A PCI Compliant solution is often requested by customers for large scale enterprise applications. When developing such a solution, the provider must address mainly the following areas: – Building and Maintaining a Secure Network – Protecting the cardholder data – Maintaining a vulnerability Management Program – Implementing Strong access control measures – Regularly Monitoring and… Read More »