The Adventures of Two Arobsians in Brasov

After three editions held in Timisoara, ecomTEAM moved this year more towards the center of the country, namely in Brasov, to be closer to all the e-commerce areas. The event, organized by and hosted by Kronwell Hotel, took place on 2nd and 3rd of April 2014. The two Arobsians above-mentioned are Ionut Maries and… Read More »

Multi-threading in the C++11 Standard

Thirteen years after publishing the first C++ standard, just when the new C++11 (or C++0x) standard was being introduced, the members of the C++ Standards Committee decided to make a significant change to multi-thread programming. The C++ language offers for the first time support in implementing applications that require concurrent programming, regardless of the development… Read More »

TRACKGPS Cloud: The Future of
Vehicle Fleet Tracking

These days the Cloud is on everybody’s lips and rarely in regards with the weather. The multitude of advantages it offers has made Cloud Computing an important technological choice over the last years. While we use this term in its general sense (the name was inspired from the flowcharts and diagrams used in the past… Read More »

Unmanned Hotel Trivia

Have you ever heard of unmanned hotels? Unlikely as it may seem, there are hotels that can function effectively without front desk personnel. This approach is witnessing an increase in popularity among hoteliers, since automating and simplifying the booking and check-in processes can only lead to higher margins. The IT company that implements the custom… Read More »

What To Consider When Building A PCI Compliant Architecture

A PCI Compliant solution is often requested by customers for large scale enterprise applications. When developing such a solution, the provider must address mainly the following areas: – Building and Maintaining a Secure Network – Protecting the cardholder data – Maintaining a vulnerability Management Program – Implementing Strong access control measures – Regularly Monitoring and… Read More »

Hotel Carbon Footprint Calculator

What Is Hotel Carbon Footprint? In early 2011 the International Tourism Partnership (ITP) and the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) started collaborating on an initiative to unite hotel industry efforts to calculate and communicate carbon impact by agreeing on a standardized methodology and metrics. The partnership consists of  12 world renowned hotel companies: Accor,… Read More »